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What is High Adventure?

Photo of participants from High Adventure 2009 at Pen y Fan, South Wales

High Adventure 2009 - Pen Y Fan, South Wales

High Adventure was run for Ventures in the original format. Teams were collected from local pick up points around Leicestershire and were dropped off at a mystery location for a weekends orienteering competition. As with the current format all equipment was carried for the two day event. The event is almost as the original but with the addition of challenges. We’re always looking to improve the event with any new equipment available and ideas.

High Adventure ran for about 13 years until the foot and mouth outbreak (2003) when it was cancelled. It then had a few years off and returned in 2008.

The purpose of the event is to give the participants the opportunity to prove their scouting skills including map reading, compass work, route planning, working in a team with team decisions, getting to organise themselves, time keeping, hill skills (team and personal preservation, food and water intake) whilst being on their own with no one to guide them.

Most of the time the participants will have a leader or someone with them to correct them or as a safety net, on this event we are there but have a distance between us so that the participants feel a lot more self sufficient. If they have a problem they will normally sort it instead of asking for help, this hopefully means they will continue with this in everyday life. In the event of an emergency the teams are carrying all their equipment, so they could stop and pitch up, they also carry a radio (the same as all the mountain team) with thanks to our communications guru this will have pretty much total area coverage on the hill so they can call for assistance if required. The remote locations we take them to have little or no telephone signals.

For some teams the challenge is to be the best in the competition and win, for others it’s getting through the event and learning. The teams that come last in the competition have as much fun and enjoy it as much as the team that come middle or top. You don’t have to be super fit, or have super equipment, if your hill skills are good any team could win. The adventure is getting out into unknown areas. The location of the event is kept secret to the participants, so even when they are on the event most do not know the exact area they are in. Also as we try to stay away from popular areas of national parks they are in new areas to them. The challenge team set up tasks with different problems for the teams to solve, most of which the participants will have never come across.