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Training and Equipment Advice

In order for participants to undertake the High Adventure challenge they will need to be prepared. This sheet gives you some general advice to help you develop their skills prior to High Adventure. If you feel that you need assistance to develop these skills, help is available from the mountain team.

Pack a rucksack

Be able to properly pack the correct size of rucksack with the appropriate kit for an overnight expedition including camping out. Know the basic kit requirements. (FS315084 Scout Skills Pack a Rucksack)

Here‘s a good video about how to pack a rucksack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS4GKWPnbQg


Be able to effectively use a 1:25000 scale map and compass and be fully familiar with the six figure grid reference system. To be able to plot positions on the map given by a six figure grid reference and navigate to them from their present location. To know the difference between magnetic and grid north and how to adjust the compass accordingly. To know how fast they can travel over land so they can estimate times between checkpoints. To be able to locate their position on the map. (FS315074 Scout Skills Compass)


Be familiar with using lightweight cookers and preparing backpacking meals on them. Try various dehydrated foods out and select what is to be taken for a night out. Know about basic calorific values and liquid intake requirements for an active day and plan the menu accordingly.


Be familiar with and be able to quickly erect a lightweight back packing tent. Know the number of pegs required to erect it, the number of poles and what other parts make up the tent. Try erecting it in the dark and ensure it is the one you can use during the event.


Know what to do if a member of the party gets injured or becomes ill, how to decide what action to take and how to gain help if required. Be reasonably proficient in basic first aid.

Party awareness

Be able to walk as a group without leaving individuals behind and be aware of the other members of the group at all times and act accordingly.


To be fit enough to carry a full rucksack at least 15km over rough terrain for a day long expedition then a similar distance the following day.


High Adventure takes place in a remote location in the UK with challenging terrain. The weather can vary dramatically, good standards of equipment are essential.

A full kit list will be sent out to teams who apply to take part in the event and a kit check will be undertaken at the base camp prior to any teams setting off. Teams who fail to meet the required standard will NOT be permitted to take part. Your County Scout Mountain Team is available to provide advice on all aspects of mountain training and equipment for Leaders and teams entering High Adventure

If you are unsure who to contact on the Mountain Team, please contact the organisers. The equipment department at Leicestershire Scout County Headquarters is available for advice on suitable equipment and to purchase supplies.

The Equipment Department

The equipment department are available for advice on suitable equipment and the purchase of supplies. Prices are very competitive and profits are put back into the Scout Association. County Scout Centre, 9 Oak Spinney Park, Ratby Lane, Leicester Forest East, Leicester, LE3 3AW. Tel: 0116 232 4530