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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers built up over previous events, if your question is not answered then please contact us highadventureadmin@leicestershirescouts.org.uk even if you‘re a High Adventure regular please review the following, as some points have been updated to reflect the changes on previous years.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Whilst being mindful of individual circumstances, the Policy of High Adventure is that all Deposits and Payments are Non-Refundable. We will however entertain replacement participants in the event that a particular person is unable to attend. These alterations will be dealt with on an individual basis and it should not be assumed that all requests for alterations of personnel will be sanctioned, in particular – last minute replacements. In respect of those persons who have paid the full amount who are unable to attend and are unable to find an agreed replacement – the camp will consider requests for refunds – but these will be dealt with on an individual basis – after the camp has finished, and only if there are sufficient funds available to make the payment.

If we pay to attend and we have to cancel at the last minute, can we claim a full refund?

Please see the cancellation policy, in summary it may be possible to provide a refund, but we will not know until after the camp and even then the amount could not be guaranteed. If you are concerned about this, it is possible to mitigate risk to your members by taking out insurance. For example the Scout and Guide Associations have appointed Unity Insurance to provide insurance specifically taylored for Scouts and Guides, for details visit http://unityins.co.uk/ and look at ‘UK Camp Cover Insurance’. Other Insurance companies may suit your individual needs better. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before taking insurance out to make sure it is right for you.

Do we need to fill in a NAN form?

Yes. We send out information regarding NAN Forms and Event Passports details closer to the time. Separately we will also send DC’s a copy of the form containing the missing information about the event.

What are the home contact details?

We send out information home contacts closer to the time. Please ensure participant’s families/guardians are given home contact numbers.

What are the contact details if any problem with journey there and back?

In the event of an incident or delay, bus monitors need to phone home contact not the site numbers. Numbers for home contact will be in the packet that will be given to Bus Monitors before they set off.

Can we leave our cars over the weekend at the pickup location?

Please leave personal cars at home and arrange to be transported to pick up point.

Is there an arrangement with the Scout Equipment Department?

Yes. The Leicestershire Scout Equipment Department are offering 10% off to all bone fide High Adventure participants, please take kit list for proof.

Is there a way parents can find out where high adventure is being held?

Yes, please designate one parent or guardian as a point of call, that person should telephone the home contact after 10 pm and before 11 pm they can then telephone the remaining parents.

When do Health Forms need to be returned and Final Deposits have to be paid?

Health Forms and Final deposits will need to be with the admin by the dates advised.

What happens if there are health form changes just before the event?

Any changes of team member or team members details must recorded on a health form which must be photocopied. Please give one form to the Administrator before departure. Original to be given to Administration Team on arrival at base camp.

How much training do we need?

In order for participants to undertake the High Adventure they will need to be prepared. If you feel that you need assistance to develop the required skills, help is available from the mountain team; please contact the event organisers and they will put you in touch with the Mountain Team.

Who are the bus monitors?

Bus Monitors will be appointed in due course. They will have participant lists for outward and inward journeys and stops, jackets, buckets, sick bags and gloves.

Who is responsible for checking participants on and off the coach?

Bus Monitors will be appointed and will check names and team members on and off the coach.

Will the journey on Friday include a stop which allows the purchase of food?

Yes however the quality varies vastly dependant on the location of High Adventure, however you must eat food in the service station, no food or drink should be consumed on the coaches.

Will uniform be required to travel to and from the event?

Yes uniform top and Necker must be worn during the journey. In addition please make sure that they have a clean pair of shoes/trainers and trousers to travel to and from the event. There will be areas designated for changing on the Sunday, team tents do not need to be left up for the Sunday.

What are the arrangements for transporting of fuel?

Bring fuel on the Friday to the pick up point and deliver to the fuel van. Please make sure that canisters/methylated spirit are labelled and in a carrier bag that is clearly labelled with unit name. No plastic bottles.

Where do we leave from?

We will advise you of this in due course.

What time should participants be dropped off on Friday?

Approximately 18:00 pm, however dependant on destination or pick up the exact times will be confirm later.

What time should participants be picked up on Sunday?

Approximately 21:30 pm, however estimated times will be confirm later.

Who is responsible for cleaning coaches?

Everyone needs to ensure that coaches are left clean after each journey as we will get charged if the coaches go back in an unsatisfactory state. Black bags will be provided. If any rubbish can be disposed of at Service Station please do so. All teams are responsible for cleaning coaches, if High Adventure is charged by the coach company for an unsatisfactorily clean coach, all units on that Coach will be charged £50.00.

Do we need to label luggage?

Yes, please label everything including personal/unit equipment and bags or put a something obvious to identify your equipment. Note it is often necessary to remove roll mats, tents or kit attached to the outside of rucksacks.

Can participants take MP3 players etc?

Yes, especially for the journey, however we recommend that no such equipment should be taken on the competition.

Can you clarify meals for team supporters and staff?

All meals from Saturday breakfast until Sunday lunch inclusive and cooked centrally. You will be expected to help with cooking, serving and washing up if required.

Can you clarify meals for participants?

Participants will be given a cooked breakfast on the Saturday morning and lunch on Sunday afternoon only. All other meals will need to be provided by the team and carried by team members.

Will team supporters and staff be camping at top camp with the teams on Saturday night?

No, part of the experience is to spend time as a group light weight camping. Only designated team members will be part of the top camp.

Participants are worried about having points deducted for not exactly following the kit list, is this true?

Kit check is safety related. If the equipment you have is deemed not suitable at the kit check you will not be allowed to take part. If we feel that your safety is not in danger but you may become uncomfortable by not having an item on the list, points may be deducted at the discretion of the organisers. If you have all the items on the kit list, no problems.

I am concerned, what happens if we get hopelessly lost on the mountain?

You will be briefed on what to do in such circumstances before you leave base camp on Saturday morning. There is a team of skilled Mountain Team who will follow progress of all teams during the event and in a case of an emergency you will also have a Scout Emergency Card and a sealed emergency radio with instructions which you can use to call for assistance.

When do we get maps?

Maps will be issued on the Saturday morning during the Mountain Team Briefing.

What are the rules concerning mixed camping?

This is a unit decision. Parental permission should be sought, which is the Unit Leaders responsibility.

If you have a mixed team and parents do not want their son or daughter sharing tents, teams will carry the usual amount of tentage for the number of participants in the team and should provide a further additional unit tent which will be taken up to Top camp by the Organisers. This needs to be arranged in advance of the event.

Will teams be able to bring additional base camp tents so that competition tents remain dry?

Yes, but please keep additional equipment to a minimum, there is limited space, if there isn’t space on departure day additional equipment will be refused.

The kit list states, warm hat/Balaclava does that mean both or either/or?

You may bring a warm hat or balaclava.

Torches, can participants just take 2 torches instead of extra batteries and a bulb?

Yes two torches are acceptable. However please make sure they have these at top of rucksack or in hand luggage, there is normally a walk from the coach to the Base camp often 15 minutes, but sometimes longer, team kit transported on Coaches will be transported to the base camp.

If participant have personal first aid kits, why does the team have to have one as well?

Personal First Aid kit will have personal kit. The team First Aid kit will have additional things like dressings, blister kits, bandages.

Water carriers, do participants have to carry these as well as bottle?

No, collapsible water carriers should be filled by the team at the base camp on Saturday morning and left for top camp team to take to the top camp, we will provide some additional drinking water at top camp and provide warm water for hand washing and pot washing.

Do they need both an anorak and a waterproof cagoule as suggested?

Your top layer must be waterproof. If it is not, a cagoule must be carried also.

Do they need a vacuum flask in addition to a water bottle or is it just an optional extra?

No, collapsible water carriers should be filled by the team at the base camp on Saturday morning and left for Top camp team to take to the top camp, we will provide some additional drinking water at top camp.

What are considered suitable Boots?

The ideal boots should be durable and hardwearing, providing comfort and stability on a variety of terrains and should be comfortable, if you are walking in new boots, you should spend time breaking them in, before attending High Adventure.

Hill walking boots have a hard-wearing sole unit to give support and strength to your feet and to provide torsional control as you walk. These are usually made from high-carbon content rubber; Vibram being the market leader. Boots should be waterproof and it is recommended that they Gore-Tex or similar. Contact the mountain team before you leave who will provide advice on boots which are deemed suitable.

Walking shoes, Wellies or low rise boots which do not provide ankle support are not suitable even if they are waterproof with good soles. You will not be allowed to participate in this sort of footwear.

What if there any equipment check discrepancies?

Before departure unit leaders must carry out a kit check, we recommend at least four weeks before High Adventure, we will ask Unit Leaders to sign a pre-event kit check form and to provide this to us. If there are still discrepancies you may be disqualified individually or as a team. Any discrepancies over quality of personal equipment will be dealt with by the Senior Kit Checker, these may be referred to the Event Organiser or Mountain Team Organiser whose decision will be final and is unlikely to differ from the Senior Kit Checker.

Do team supporters/staff have to bring their own cutlery, plate, mug etc?