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High Adventure 2011

11th to 13th March 2011 - How Stean Gorge, Pately Bridge

133 Explorers, 6 Network members, 17 staff, 23 teams, 3 organisers, 2 coaches, 1 location, 1 winner

It started many years ago and at its peak (excuse the pun) High Adventure was pulling in 40 or more teams from Leicestershire and beyond. The locations were always secret and competition was tough. HIGH ADVENTURE has proved a great success over the last two years and this year was no exception, attracting the most teams we’ve ever had and the closest 1st and 2nd place we’ve ever had.

Richard Coppock took the reins and with a hugely experienced team behind him it was bound to be a success. On the 11th March the teams made their way to their waiting coaches. The location, as before, was a secret and the coaches departed with the Explorers in anticipation of what was ahead of them. Hours before, Mountain Team and base camp team had arrived and began preparing for their arrival. After a long journey the teams all got their heads down ready for a tough day on Saturday.

Saturday morning came all too quickly for some with the first teams up at 5:30am. After Breakfast, courtesy of Base Camp team the first teams were ready for kit-check and an early start. From now on the teams were “self sufficient” until arriving back at Base Camp Sunday afternoon. After Kit-check the teams were given a de-brief and safety talk by Mountain Team and given their maps to plan their route for the day, picking up as many check points as possible in the allocated time; points were deducted for lateness so planning the most efficient route was vital for success.

Finally all teams were out and whilst base camp team and team supporters could relax a little, mountain team were now responsible for the safety of the Explorers on the hill

Whilst some teams chose the “lets get to point A and then see where we are going next” option, others took more time to plan and knew where they going from the off. No drama this year and all teams were soon at overnight camp and busy planning their route for Sunday.

Explorers were checked-in by Top Camp team but at this point were still not allowed any help from leaders. So after a varied evening meal of pasta, Lancashire hotpot, beans, cheese, sweets and all manner of inventive “lightweight” food the Explorers, after a tiring day, were all asleep (or at least quiet) by 10pm! Tomorrow was Challenge Day and while less route planning was involved the key was in the name and Challenge Day was not going to be easy!

Sunday morning, bright and early the first teams were preparing for another tough day in the hills. Ahead were unknown challenges a-plenty. After another tough day the teams made it back to Base Camp with a welcome of a hot meal ready for them. A chance to take of their bags, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Admin team were busy working out points and preparing for the closing ceremony and prize giving.

A fantastic weekend was had by all and it just remains to be said a huge THANK YOU to ALL involved in organising High Adventure, the Team Support Leaders for bringing the teams and to all the Explorers who took part to make it such a great weekend.