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How much does it cost to take part?

Entry to High Adventure 2015 is £52 per participant and £40 per team supporter. Travel arrangements for teams outside of Leicestershire will be discussed with the organising team, these teams may be required to make their own travel arrangements.

We are looking at ways to lower these costs, however it is largely down to participant numbers. If we can get more participants and teams we’ll be able to lower the fee as the overheads can be split over more people.

High Adventure offers excellent value for money and is unique as the fee includes the following:

  • Bus transport for each person
  • Camping fees
  • Temporary toilets
  • Saturday breakfast, Sunday snacks
  • Radio comms (all mountain team members, each participating team, and most camp staff use radio communications as there is NO phone signal)
  • Clipper tags for scoring
  • Maps
  • A Badge

None of the mountain team, camp team or challenge team get reimbursed for travel, food, etc.

Team support leaders get transport, food and camping fees included. They may be asked to help a little in the morning, or be a bus monitor.