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How to Enter High Adventure

To enter either of the competitions you will need to:

1. Register your interest between 1st December & 30th January by emailing highadventureadmin@leicestershirescouts.org.uk with the following details:

  • Team contact Person
  • Team contact Email
  • Team contact Phone number
  • Which competition you intend to enter
  • How many teams
  • How many participants

This is not a commitment to enter however please be as accurate as you can.

2. We will send you links to the Health form & NAN Form, and PDFs of the kit lists and any other information.

3. Send your payment (payable to “Leicestershire Scout Council") to the address provided in the information email. Ensure all forms are filled in by all team members and supporters by the dates given on the High Adventure Website

4. Once your forms and payment have been received you will receive a Bus Pass (via email with approximately one week to go) with your pick up point and event times - Please print two copies of this and bring them with you. No Bus Pass, No Entry to the Bus. Bus places may be limited and just turning up and expecting to squeeze on will not be accepted.

Late forms or payment will incur penalty points meaning your team will start on negative points.

Pre-event Kit Check

Before the Event a Leader should complete a Kit check, this is to make 
sure that your equipment is suitable for the event. Some equipment may be borrowed, however this needs to be arranged with plenty of time before the event so that you can check it fits, and is suitable. Do not leave this to the last minute!

There are plenty of Mountain Team available to assist you if you require some help with any aspect of the competition. Please contact us by email if you require this assistance.

Nights Away Notification

Unlike other events, because High Adventure is held at a ‘Secret Location’, giving you the information to complete a Nights Away Notification form (NAN) would give the game away!

We will therefore write to your District Commissioner on your behalf advising them of the event, location details, etc and which units will be attending the event. Although this is a County organised event, a NAN form is still required from all Teams.

Fill in the online form with your health forms.

Once your details have been submitted we will fill in your Nights away Notification form and send it to both yourselves and your District Commissioner.