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High Adventure Kit List

This kit list details the minimum requirements for High Adventure 2014. Participants may carry additional kit provided this is not prohibited in the rules of the event e.g. mobile phones and GPS devices. Please note the scout law... “a scout is to be trusted”. This kit list is also included in the Team Booklet on the downloads page.

Clothing (to be worn or carried)

  • Suitable Laced Walking Boots not walking trainers (must cover ankle bone)
  • Gaiters knee height
  • Walking Boot Socks (2 pairs ideally)
  • Trousers must be quick drying (No Jeans or Heavy Cotton)
  • Base layer – non-cotton tee shirt/Technical base layer
  • Mid layer – Thin jumper
  • Top layer – fleece or soft shell
  • Waterproof jacket with hood
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Warm hat / balaclava
  • Gloves / mittens (must cover finger tips)

Equipment (to be carried individually)

  • Rucksack suitable size and condition
  • Waterproof Rucksack liner (rubble sack acceptable not bin liners,)
  • Spare poly bags
  • Torch with spare batteries (spare bulb if not LED)
  • Watch
  • Warm sleeping bag (3 season ideally, to be carried in an additional waterproof liner)
  • “Karri-mat" / thermarest
  • Night wear
  • Mug
  • Cutlery (to suit menu)
  • Plate / bowl (to suit menu)
  • Personal wash kit
  • Whistle accessible without removing rucksack
  • Personal first aid kit (including specialist blister kit, Personal Medication, Plasters)
  • Water bottles/Vacuum flasks/water bladders (minimum 2L total)
  • Spare boot laces
  • Spare clothing (fleece, tee shirt, socks, and trousers)
  • Pencil and paper (in waterproof bag i.e. zip sandwich bag)
  • Scout Emergency card (one side filled in, supplied at mountain brief)
  • Survival bag
  • Snacks to eat whilst walking (cereal bars/nuts/dried fruit)

Team Equipment

  • Adequate tents (hike tents that are able to be pitched in exposed areas)
  • Stoves (Hike stoves not suitcase type)
  • Fuel in correct containers (meths in proper fuel bottles)
  • Waterproof matches/flint & steel
  • Cooking pots (to suit menu)
  • Food - Saturday lunch / evening (de-hydrated food is light, check calorie content)
  • Food - Sunday breakfast (de-hydrated food is light, check sufficient calorie content)
  • 2 Silva type compasses (max 2 degree interval)
  • 2 fine tip permanent markers (i.e. sharpie)
  • Washing up kit (to suit menu)
  • Toilet paper
  • Water carriers (collapsible if possible) Minimum 20L
  • Team first aid kit; including
    • Conforming bandages
    • 2 triangular bandages
    • Scissors
    • Non-stick dressings (i.e. Menolin)
    • Roll of plaster tape
    • Specialist blister kit
  • 2 Waterproof map cases
  • 2 Hi Viz Vests
  • Alarm clock (can be incorporated into a team members watch)
  • High Adventure Emergency card (with radio, supplied at mountain brief)

Other Equipment Required

  • Half formal uniform (to be worn travelling to and from the event and during the presentations/closing)

High Adventure Lite Kit

Any equipment not being carried by the team needs to be inside one or two large marked duffel bags to be transported to/from top camp.

An example kit check sheet for High Adventure Lite can be found in the Team Booklet.