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What to Expect

The following topics should help guide you through the event. Some details like timings will change from event to event so make sure you look at your bus pass for your teams event timings.

Run through of the event

Each team is responsible for getting themselves to the required points on time.

Base Camp

This can be just a field with tents and porta loos or it could be a full campsite with hot showers. This changes from event to event, year to year. Normally you will arrive very late at night. There will usually be a short walk to base camp from the bus, so be prepared with your walking boots, waterproofs, and torch. Expect to carry all your equipment yourselves. When you get to base camp you will be given your camping area for the Friday night. Please pitch your tents as quickly as possible and get your equipment inside. There will be a short participant brief before lights out.

Saturday Breakfast

This will be a very quick breakfast. Normally this is porridge and fruit. If we have facilities there may be other food available, but please make sure you eat. You will be using a lot of energy over the weekend and porridge is a good slow releasing energy food, the fruit is there to give you a healthy quick releasing energy boost.

Kit Check

Your leaders will be expected to perform a kit check before the event to make sure you have all your equipment. On the Saturday morning you are required to present yourselves at your allocated kit check position on time with all your equipment. You will be required to empty your kit bags and show all the items on the kit list. The kit checkers are not only looking to see if it is present but for quality of equipment. Boots, waterproofs, bags etc need to be in good condition. High Adventure Lite competitors will present their overnight equipment at this time to load onto the transport, equipment should be in one or two large, named duffel bags.

On The Hill

Whilst you are on the hill you are to navigate to top camp collecting as many points as you can. Not all the clippers are worth the same points. The country code must be kept to at all times. Some of the event may take place in popular areas, you are representing the Scouting community to the public so please be polite and helpful if required. Any teams found dropping litter, vandalising or being found “behaving not to the manner of a scout” will be disqualified and banned from future events.

Mountain Team

During the event you will be monitored by the Mountain Team; these volunteers are there for your safety. There will be Manned Check Points where you will find team members in case of emergency, also there will be small teams wandering round the competition area. They may stop you and ask for your team number, how you are doing and where you are going. They should also be carrying a radio so will be easily identifiable.

Mountain Brief

A mountain team member will talk you through the event’s finer details including any out of bounds areas, specific rules for the area etc.

Radio Brief

A radio team member will talk you through the correct use of your emergency radio. This should be stored safely in a team member’s bag to be used only in an emergency.

Planning and Tagging

An Admin or camp team member will attach your clipper tag to your bag and let you go at the correct time. If things are running early please use any spare time to start planning your route for the day.

Your Clipper tag will be attached to your bag, please do not pull on them hard as they may rip off. Look after your tags as this is how we will score your team.

Orienteering Markers (Clippers)

These are what you are looking for to gain points. Some will be marked with the standard orange and white orienteering marker flags, others will just be secured at their location to an object. Make sure that ALL your team members clip their cards as you will only receive the points if all team members have the marks in the correct box on your clipper tag. If you make a mistake you need to clip a spare box and mark on it the number it should be.

Interference with the clipper tags, including hiding them, moving them etc will result in disqualification.

Post Box

These are here so we can monitor your progress through the event. If you come across one of these please fill in a post box card with your team number, time and where you are heading to. Please do this each time you pass the box even if you have visited it before. Don’t forget to clip your clipper tags the first time only.

Over Night Camp

This will most likely be a remote field exposed to the elements with little or no shelter. There should be porta loos, and water supplies. The top camp team are there to check you in and make sure you are ok. You will be shown where to pitch your tents, please make sure that you act as a team and have people pitching tents while others start cooking food. You will most likely start to feel a little bit cold as you have stopped and removed your rucksack. Make sure you put on extra layers so you don’t lose your body heat. Try to keep your sleeping area dry and clean. Only get your sleeping bags out when they are needed. You will be de-tagged on arrival and re-tagged in the morning with a new clipper card.


On the Sunday there will be a selection of challenges you can do on your way back to base camp. These challenges will test your mind and body to gain extra points. There is a separate challenge trophy for the team with the most challenge points, but the points also go towards your overall score.

Finish Line

This will normally be somewhere near the start point from Saturday. You will be de tagged, and checked to make sure you are ok.


This is where you’ll find out how well you have done over the weekend. This is a half uniform event with all the trophies, both fun and competition and certificates being presented.